What’s it for?

Great for budget forecasting, procurement planning and capacity rationalization.

  • Measure license usage against license capacity
  • Identify how many licenses you need and when
  • Use with Availability Manager to alert you of possible capacity issues
  • Control costs and improve performance

Where do I find it?

License Reports are available in VSM’s Capacity Manager module in Reports.  Capacity Manager’s library of useful reports let you track utilization of hardware and software across your UC platform.

License Reports in Action

Watch a demonstration of License Reports.


License Report Examples

License Usage Snapshot

This report gives you a picture of licence utilization across your platform at a particular point in time. Utilization is sorted from highest to lowest so you can see where you might need to add more licenses.

License Usage Trend

Track and trend license ustilizaton over a specified time period. You can track a range of license types such as call center agents and administered stations.  This example show consumption of Logged-in ACD Agents increasing and soon to breach its licensed limit. Staff can now act early and purchase more licenses before it adversely affects the contact center.

License Reports provide visibility into the licenses you own and the extent you’re using them. With the data available in our cloud environment for up to 13 months, you can analyze use over time and plan for future growth.