Tony Jayne


Tony is a co-founder of Virsae and as CEO is responsible for the company's management, strategy and financial performance. He has more than 30 years management experience and has traveled extensively, developing international relationships with vendors, partners and customers. Tony sees his role as creating an environment in which his team of talented industry professionals can excel.

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Ross Williams

Chief Product Officer

A co-founder of Virsae, Ross has held various CxO roles since its establishment in 2013. He currently leads the product team in support of Virsae’s international customer and business partner base. Ross has more than 20 years’ experience in the Unified Communications & Collaboration market.

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Brent Adonis

Chief Technology Officer

Brent’s main responsibilities are to ensure the delivery of the Virsae platform to realize customer value through the development and release of the Virsae applications. Over the last decade Brent has successfully crafted product strategies and market fit solutions and built high performing teams to deliver high quality software products. He holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Auckland University of Technology with a focus on leadership and strategy.

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Ian McCarthy

Chief Revenue Officer

Ian is responsible for revenue growth within Virsae, which is underpinned by creating long term value based relationships with our Customers and Partners. Ian has over 20 years experience in the IT and Communications Industry in a range of Service, Management, and Executive level roles.

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Shakti Harduar

Chief Financial Officer

Shakti is responsible for overseeing the financial operations and providing strategic and commercial support across the company. He brings a wealth of commercial experience across a range of sectors with a focus on driving strategic initiatives.

Mark Vincent

Partner Director, APAC

APAC is forecast to be the fastest growing region in the UC market 2021 to 2030, driven by technical developments. Mark's focus is on Virsae's growth throughout APAC with specific emphasis on the benefits Virsae can deliver for its partners and their customers through innovation and a drive to meet new market demand. A co-founder of Virsae and other related companies, Mark has extensive experience in senior management and market development roles across the IT and telecommunications sectors.

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Carl Pamplin

Global Operations Director

Carl has overall operational responsibility for Virsae products and services, ensuring internal alignment and execution of contracted support levels. His responsibilities include customer onboarding, Day 2 operational support, delivery of Professional Services, and management of internal systems necessary to meet these objectives.  Carl has more than 20 years’ experience in the IT and Contact Centre industries.

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Geoff Weeks

Global Customer Success Director

Geoff is responsible for customer success globally via the customer success team. Driving improvement across all aspects of Virsae services including, delivery, training, support, functionality and service adoption, Geoff and his team enhance customer experience and deliver tangible business benefits to our customers. He has 20 years’ experience in a range of service led roles within the telecommunications industry.

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