Unrivaled Insights for Microsoft Teams

Virsae Service Management (VSM) delivers unrivaled insights across Microsoft Teams environments in minutes. Delivering unparalleled insights to improve voice, video, and network performance.

MS Teams

VSM Everywhere is an easily deployed solution on an employee’s workstation, that enables extraction and analysis of critical performance and device data in the 'unmanaged' remote and Work From Home (WFH) environments.

End-to-end visibility

With Virsae's Service Management platform, you'll have always-on visibility into remote workplaces to find and fix issues impacting Voice and Video calls.

Unrivaled Insights in Minutes

Managed Service Partners and Organizations can flood their dashboards with Microsoft Teams data in minutes using VSM and VSM Everywhere.

At-home workers (including CEOs) are desperate for better connectivity and communications performance. Here’s what you can do about it.

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This use case highlights the plight of a CEO in an important board meeting. But if your CEO is suffering from these issues, you can be 100% sure your remote and WFH employees, and the customers they're serving, are having the same problems.

New research has found that organizations using management platforms (like Virsae) focused on optimizing customer and user experience have made huge gains, as per Metrigy’s 2022 study. On average:

  • Customer ratings improved 16.9%
  • Agent efficiency improved 15.3%
  • Revenue jumped 14.7%
  • Costs reduced by 9%


Is it time you found a solution to lift the productivity of remote and at-home workers, and drive up customer experience ratings?

Without management tools, like Virsae, it's impossible to see and fix issues across hybrid environments.

Watch the demo below and schedule a time with our experts to discuss how Virsae's Service Management platform can unlock immense value across your Microsoft Teams environment.

Download the VSM Everywhere Solution Brief

Walk through Virsae's Performance Analytics Platform with Ross Williams, our Chief Product Officer.