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The always-on, AI-powered solution provides unrivaled visibility across your hybrid workplaces.


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With XCaaS systems rapidly replacing many legacy phone systems and call centers, it is imperative that the levels of quality that users have become accustomed to are at the very least maintained and preferably enhanced. For XCaaS call quality to be consistently at or above enterprise levels, IT organizations need to find ways to manage, isolate, and troubleshoot effectively.

Wherever your people work, Virsae’s technology-agnostic platform ensures your Unified Communications and Contact Center environments are operating at peak performance.

The remote workforce has changed everything; users are making calls via XCaaS platforms using a wide range of connectivity, speeds, and ISP’s, typically on consumer-grade connections. Moreover, they are sharing their network with family members who are taking up precious bandwidth and perhaps causing background noise not experienced in the workplace. IT needs to know exactly what the user experience is, why it’s happening, and what to do about it.

As shown below, VSM Everywhere (VSM-E) provides new analytics such as workstation and home network performance and even extends to telemetry data such as headset boom position and background noise.

VSM-E is an easily deployed solution on an employee’s workstation, that enables extraction and analysis of critical performance and device data even in 'unmanaged' remote environments.

Virsae's Chief Product Officer, Ross Williams, shares the reasons why we've developed VSM-E and the benefits for organizations supporting their remote workers.

Ross Williams - VSM Demo at Enterprise Connect 2022

"VSM adopts WHO audio level standards to support employee wellbeing"

Employee Wellbeing is important for workplace culture and retention. A survey of 400 US enterprises by Metrigy found 72% of organizations were willing to invest in technology to improve the WFH experience. One example of Virsae's commitment to wellbeing is our adoption of World Health Organization (WHO) standards for healthy audio levels. Through headset analytics, when an employee’s headset volume is above healthy levels and may cause permanent damage, administrators and HR can be notified.