Use Cases

Virsae’s AI-powered analytics platform solves real-world business problems for organizations and partners around the world:

  • Enhance visibility in your communications environment
  • Enable evidence-based technology migrations
  • Reduce cost and optimize capacity
  • Resolve voice quality issues
  • Improve customer and user experience

Need better visibility across unmanaged WFH networks?

VSM Everywhere provides end-to-end analytics across your XCaaS environment, including work-from-home networks and devices. So you can proactively support remote worker productivity, wellbeing, and customer experiences.

  • Deploys in minutes across XCaaS platforms
  • Technical XCaaS Platform analytics
  • WFH Network analytics
  • Room and headset analytics for hearing health support

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Don’t always know what’s going on in your environment?

Be informed early with detailed dashboards & insight to enable maintenance of critical operations and easily execute successful issue resolution.

  • Improve performance and operational efficiency
  • Minimize unanticipated issues
  • Build flexibility with tailored dashboards

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Need help with your technology migration?

Apply VSM’s evidence-based recommendations with the ability to collect and analyze trending information, not just a snapshot of data in time.

  • Model precise network requirements for SIP
  • Identify surplus resources
  • Rightsize new environments
  • Scale everything using real data

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Looking for cost savings?

Improve ROI for UC spend. VSM tracks UC resource utilization to optimize capacity and reduce cost, while maximizing critical services to minimize risk and improve customer and user experience.

  • Identify excess capacity and constraints
  • Act on capacity levels as they change
  • Invest in critical licensing to eliminate risk

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Unresolved voice quality issues?

VSM shows what’s broken and how to fix it. Rapidly identify and resolve voice quality issues with visibility of the root cause, whether agents are centralized or remote.

  • Gain a real-time view of calls and CX quality
  • Access historic views for deep-dive analytics
  • Extend voice quality management to remote agents
  • Identify remote agents impacting group quality

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Need help with customer experience pitfalls?

Understand the entire customer calling experience “cradle to grave” with VSM reporting that you can proactively act on to improve customer and user experience.

  • Eliminate inconsistent call treatment
  • Ensure resource/need alignment
  • Document call flows automatically
  • Streamline call center management

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