Virsae Professional Services

Lifetime service value, enabling maximum benefit from investment in Virsae Service Management (VSM).

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Our portfolio of globally available services allow Partners and MSPs to unlock the myriad benefits of the VSM ITIL portfolio for competitive service advantage, and enable customers to gain maximum benefit from their UC and contact center investments.

Benefit Realization

Business need met, return on initial spend

  • Training
  • CX analysis
  • Service updates
  • Reporting

Planning and Preparation

Risk mitigation and alignment with identified need

  • Tenders/RFPs
  • Design
  • Partner services
  • Integration


Risk mitigation, cost control, accuracy, customer uptake

  • Deployment
  • Installation
  • Customisation
  • Quality Assurance

Continuous Improvement

Continual ROI on VSM and UC and contact center investment

  • System health checks
  • VOIP and SIP troubleshooting
  • Root cause analysis