Remote Worker Assessment

Is Your UC System Coping with Remote Workers?

Keep your Avaya platform optimized in the ‘new normal’.

Remote working puts stresses on UC and contact center (CC) platforms, directly impacting both customer and user experience.

But there’s ample scope to change configuration to compensate for remote working and the vagaries of public internet.

February – April 2020 (Covid-19 peak)
In our global customer base:

  • VSM processed 32% more calls
  • Video up to 8.2% of SIP sessions
  • Initially 68.9% of voice sessions seriously impaired
  • Within 2-3 weeks, just 3.4% of sessions with quality issues

Data driven decision making
The improvement in quality was directly linked with our customers’ use of VSM data:

  • Almost 2500% increase in reports run to pinpoint root cause and drive configuration adjustments


VQM by remote agent insight


Try our Remote Worker Assessment to see how your system stacks up and what you can do to improve it.



Remote Worker Assessment

Puts you in the driver’s seat, providing real-time indicators of critical changes to keep your UC and CC platforms running at peak performance, wherever your staff work.

  • Express UC and CC system health check
  • Analyzes configuration, capacity, security and CX
  • Simple remote platform access
  • Report highlights critical issues, fixes, and cost savings
  • Expert advice for improvements

90 second Remote Working update from Ross Williams, COO