Ribbon SBC Dashlet

Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are the ‘grand central station’ of most modern communications platforms. Whether enterprise or cloud-based, you’ve got to know if they’re doing the job – and in real-time.

The VSM Ribbon SBC Dashlet display highlights threshold breaches and dysfunctional services likely to expose your business to capacity constraints or security risks.

Items monitored include the central processing core, signaling groups, active sessions, DSP status, and ping times. The status of critical configuration, which has its own specific requirements and capacity limitations, is also displayed.

Use VSM’s Ribbon SBC Dashlet to pinpoint potential issues to prevent outages:

  • Put your IT teams on the front foot with real-time status displays
  • Work with at-a-glance views of Ribbon SBC Edge health
  • Pinpoint root causes faster, minimizing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and disruption to operations

Take a closer look at the VSM Ribbon SBC Dashlet. 

Click on the video screen for a 3-minute demonstration.

Where do I find it?

Find VSM's Ribbon SBC Dashlet in Service Desk > Dashboards, select dashboard, then + to add Dashlet.

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