Pinpoint media gateway network issues

Data network and UC support teams have different skills, and it can be difficult for these teams to explain issues to each other. VSM’s ITIL service management framework provides these teams with a common language. This is illustrated well when VSM directly links media gateway issues to network performance. Like the canary in the coal mine, VSM uses the H.248 protocol to enable support teams to track the performance of the IP network and detect potential issues early. The data network team can then take action, before there is an outage.

What’s it for?

Bringing ITIL framework visibility to a common problem that is notoriously difficult to pin down, eliminates finger pointing between teams.

Pinpointing media gateway network issues in action

Click on the screen below for a short demonstration.


Where do I find it?

Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity historic reports are part of Availability Manager.

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