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External call history (ECH 2)

Interface with Avaya Call Management System (CMS) provides unrivalled visibility into the way your Contact Center has dealt with individual calls. Here we take a close-up look at both the caller experience and user/agent experience.

Troubleshooting SIP

VSM provides much needed visibility of SIP signaling messages, leading UC support teams directly to the cause of underlying issues and reducing the time and skill level required to troubleshoot SIP.

SIP Options

VSM proactively alerts on connectivity issues for connection-less protocols like SIP, before they become business-impacting.

Media Gateway Synchronization

Media Gateway Synchronization helps improve call quality and the reliability of trunk groups.

Calls in Progress Dashlet

Calls in Progress Dashlet provides visibility into the quality experienced across your UC platform. Use the filters to isolate to common factors and get a resolution quickly.

Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity Reports

Establish the root cause of a Media Gateway outage in just a few seconds with Media Gateway Timeout and Network Connectivity Reports.

VQM Filters

VQM Filters provide visibility into RTP streams and how the IP network is handling them. See in seconds if network elements are stripping DSCP, or altering its value.

VQM Related Data

VQM Related Data significantly reduces the time taken to troubleshoot voice quality issues, by displaying vital configuration aspects for each end of RTP streams.

Security Manager

Security Manager provides visibility into the threats being faced by your SBC by alerting you in real time, so you can take action to mitigate BEFORE you are breached.

Business partner alarm summary dashlet

Business partner alarm summary dashlet provides visibility of the health status of all your VSM managed customers as a collective.  It also has the ability for users to drill down to the detail.