What’s it for?

Ideal for forward planning and growth forecasting.  Measures actual trunk group occupancy over a selected period of time, for both single and multiple trunk groups.

  • Measures trunk group use over a period of time
  • Compare traffic between trunk groups
  • Identify where traffic congestion issues may be evident
  • Traffic modelling, planning and forecasting

Where do I find it?

Available as part of VSM’s Capacity Manager module within Reports. Capacity Manager’s library of useful reports let you track utilization of hardware and software across your UC platform.

Trunk Group Reports in Action

Click on the screen below to watch a video demonstration.


Trunk Group Report Example 1

The flat-topping seen in this report shows that capacity is too small for the traffic being presented.


Trunk Group Report Example 2

This shows traffic flows working well until a sudden variation to normal traffic patterns indicated a fault existed. This fault was within the carrier network, yet despite the level of business impact it did not trigger an alarm for either Communication Manager or the Carrier.  VSM detected this problem and notified the concerned parties.

Trunk Group Reports show trunk group use over a selected period of time. A clear view of traffic volume, congestion issues and capacity trends, enables traffic modelling, forward planning and growth forecasting.