What’s it for?

Provides a real-time view of ACM at a glance, and significantly reduces time to repair by pin-pointing the underlying cause of issues. Covers:

  • Server hardware and OS health
  • Processor occupancy and uptime
  • Media Gateway registration
  • Gatekeeper health
  • Alarms attributable to Media Gateways
  • Carrier local loop health for DS1

VSM dashboards run the same diagnostic commands experienced engineers run when they are identifying problems. These commands are run on a minute to minute basis, and the results are displayed on a dashboard, color-coded to reflect solution health.

Where do I find it?

Dashboards are available in VSM’s Service Desk module within Dashboard Management. Service Desk contains a growing number of user-configurable dashboards that display health across your entire UC and CC platform.

ACM Dashboard in Action

Watch a demonstration of the ACM dashboard.


This customer has issues that need attention, highlighted by the traffic light color coding:

  • The processor at the customer is regularly spiking above the 70% occupancy recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Memory is starting to run low.
  • An issue has caused half of the media gateways to deregister.
  • 10 of the 22 DS1’s show errors between the DS1 and the telecommunications carrier


This customer is running nicely:

  • The processor and memory are running within recommendations
  • All Media Gateways are registered and have no alarms
  • The DS1 telecommunications carrier-side is operating error free

Dashboards provide visibility into the health of your systems. If anything does go wrong, the dashboards will often pinpoint the underlying cause, significantly reducing time to repair.