What’s it for?

Provides an assurance that devices under management are reachable and running.

About Ping
Ping is a software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an IP network. It measures the roundtrip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination device that are echoed back to the source.

How Ping tests are used
IT departments and service providers typically detect issues by listening for SNMP traps. But what happens if a network or power issue prevents the delivery of traps? In this situation, a mission-critical application can be down yet no alarms have been raised.

Ping tests can be used as a simple keep-alive, providing assurance that devices under management are reachable and the OS is running. If Ping tests don’t meet certain performance criteria, an alarm is raised.

We recommend you configure Ping tests for all devices under management.

Where do I find it?

Ping tests are configured in VSM’s Service Desk module and are reported on in Availability Manager.

Ping Tests in Action

Click on the screen below for a demonstration.


Ping tests provide visibility into the reachability of your systems. If something goes wrong that could prevent the generation or reception of SNMP traps, ping tests will notify you, significantly reducing time to repair.