What’s it for?

Provides a real time view of AES at a glance, and significantly reduces time to repair by pin-pointing the underlying cause of issues.

VSM dashboards run the same diagnostic commands experienced engineers run when they are identifying problems. These commands are run on a minute to minute basis, and the results are displayed on a dashboard, colour-coded to reflect solution health.

AES Dashboard covers:

  • ·         Server hardware and OS health
  • ·         Processor occupancy and uptime
  • ·         State of Software Services
  • ·         Purchased and Acquired DMCC Licenses
  • ·         Purchased and Acquired TSAPI Licenses
  • ·         TSDI Buffer status
  • ·         Switch link status
  • ·         Message rate on the CTI link to ACM

Where do I find it?

Dashboards are available in VSM’s Service Desk module. Service Desk contains a growing number of user-configurable dashboards that display health across your entire UC and CC platform.

AES Dashboard in Action

Click on the screen below for a demonstration.


AES Dashboard Example

Dashboards provide visibility into the health of your systems. If anything does go wrong, the dashboards will often pinpoint the underlying cause.

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