What are they for?

Providing an historic view of the traffic handled by your Avaya Session Manager.

  • Compare loading between Session Managers to ensure load sharing is working as designed
  • See the media your customers are choosing to interact with your company
  • Trend changes over time

SIP Session Reports show historically:

  • SIP Sessions
    • Broken down hourly
    • Broken down by media type
  • Media Type
    • Audio
    • Multimedia
    • Fax
    • Text
    • Other

Where do I find them?

Session Manager SIP Session Reports are available in VSM’s Capacity Manager module. Capacity Manager contains a growing number of reports that display consumption across your entire UC and CC platform.

Session Manager SIP Session Report in Action

Click on the screen to watch a demonstration of the Session Manager SIP Session Report.


Session Manager SIP Session Report Example


Sessions created by SIP applications are broken down by media type:

  • Audio
  • Multimedia
  • Fax
  • Text
  • Other

In this example, all sessions are audio. That means all sessions will use IP Telephony Media Resources. Note how the report aligns with the IP Telephony Media Capacity Report for the same environment.

VSM Capacity Reports provide visibility into the consumption of your UC and CC resources. With SIP Session Reports see the media your customers are choosing to use to interact with your company, and trend changes over time.

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