A change to VSM in Release 6.28 gives Business Partners the ability to enable or disable the SFTP server that is part of the customer’s VSM client or appliance.

What’s it for?

The change has been made to:

  1. Allow greater security if the customer does not want the SFTP server active on their network.
  2. Bring new functionality for Business Partners to set their own set of credentials for this SFTP server rather than using the Virsae default credentials.

How does it affect you?

The SFTP server is now disabled by default on all new customer installations. If you wish to utilize the SFTP server for backups then you will need to enable it as part of the installation, or at any time after installation is complete.

New Implementation Guides will be available in 2017 reflecting this change.

SFTP Server in Action

The video explains how to enable the SFTP server and set the credentials for the accounts to login to the SFTP server.

Click on the screen to watch a demonstration.