Office 365 License Report

Paying for more Microsoft Office 365 licenses than you need is, well, expensive. On the flipside, inducting new hires only to discover that there aren’t enough licenses to get everyone the full set of tools they need sends a bad message.

VSM’s Office 365 License Report puts you in the picture, showing assigned Microsoft Office 365 licenses, who has them, and the last time each license was used. This new insight is particularly useful when you need to ensure user adoption and the investment in licenses is being fully utilized.

The Office 365 report contains a Summary page of overall licenses for:

  • Exchange
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Skype for Business
  • Teams
  • Yammer

The following pages show individual User Details with:

  • Product name
  • License type(s),
  • Date the license was assigned to that user
  • Last activity - the last time they used that license

Where do I find it?

VSM Office 365 License Report is located in Capacity Manager.

Office 365 License Summary Office 365 License Detail

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