What’s it for?

Historically the performance of the attendant (operator) pool was very difficult to measure. VSM Attendant Calls Report provides call center-like reporting for attendant consoles.

Measure and trend over time:

  • Incoming calls
  • Answered calls
  • Abandoned calls
  • Held calls
  • Calls that abandon whilst on hold

Where do I find it?

Attendant Calls Reports are available in VSM’s Capacity Manager module in Reports. Capacity Manager’s library of useful reports let you track utilization of resources across your UC platform.

Attendant Calls Reports in Action

Click on the screen for a demonstration of Attendant Calls Reports.


Attendant Calls Report Example

This report gives you a picture of the performance of the collective attendant pool over a period of time. It focuses on call metrics so you can see if calls are going unanswered or are abandoning, whilst being dealt with by the attendants. Decisions on the scale of that pool or the shifts that attendants work, can be made on the basis of solid reporting data.

Attendant Calls Reports provide visibility into the performance of your attendant pool. Make decisions about this customer-facing resource based on solid data. With the data available in our cloud environment for up to 13 months, you can analyze demands and performance over time and plan accordingly.