Why service transparency is essential in meeting customer expectations

For many service providers, achieving quality service delivery is hampered by limited visibility into the performance of their clients’ onsite systems. That’s despite the fact that transparency and visibility of unified communications and contact center assets is essential for the successful operation of an enterprise and its customer service operations. Virsae, however, turns that approach on its head, delivering the insight you need to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.

In the traditional support model, visibility into client systems is typically restricted to the service provider (if available at all) and isn’t provided to that client’s own personnel or the customer-based support team. That may seem a little crazy; after all, without that visibility, the team cannot quickly identify issues. It also creates a situation where there is a potential lack of clarity on resolution status.

Virsae Service Management (VSM) takes a very different approach. VSM is designed to provide transparency and visibility of the customer’s assets to the customer’s own organisation, as well as the service provider. As an example, using the easily configurable dashboard interface, VSM puts the user in control and lets them see what is important to the business. The dashboard is fully customizable too: Customers can pick and choose the items that matter to them from a range of information sources.

Providing the same level of visibility to the service provider and customer achieves greater service transparency, increases trust and a level of customer service which always meets expectations.