VSM puts you in the picture with As-built Schematics

At Virsae we’ve often heard the old adage – The only thing worse than no documentation is out of date documentation. What’s more – we agree.

As a long-standing support partner for Unified Communications solutions ourselves, we are often asked by our customers to provide and maintain their as-built documentation. Doing so is time consuming and expensive for the Business Partner and for the customer. The result is a key business outcome that remains unfulfilled in a cost effective way.

Virsae As-Built Schematics provide a real time, on demand visual representation of a customer’s configuration. This new dimension to Virsae Configuration Manager means as-built diagrams will always be up to date whatever changes have been made to the solution. You can also trace back in time to a specific date to find out what architectural changes were made, and when. Then in conjunction with Change Manager, you can see who made those changes.