Customer Satisfaction Vs Agent Productivity

Satisfaction Vs Productivity

When asked which approach is most important, research participants overwhelmingly selected improving customer satisfaction over agent productivity (85.3%) rather than improving agent productivity over customer satisfaction (14.7%), according to Metrigy’s Customer Experience MetriCast 2022 research study of 1,846 organizations globally.

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Organizations measure ongoing success through customer ratings, as well as agent KPIs. It’s vital, however, to measure before-and-after success whenever companies deploy new applications, platforms, or services—or when they switch providers.

For example, Metrigy's research shows that successful companies saw an 18% improvement in revenue, a 10.7% reduction in operational costs, a 16.8% improvement in customer ratings, and a 17.6% boost in agent productivity with the addition of a contact center platform or when they changed to a different provider.

Delivering industry-leading customer experience is vital for any company in any industry.

Doing so requires;

  • a savvy CX leader - That's You!
  • solid operational process
  • an innovative CX technology provider to deliver the necessary platforms, applications, services, and support.

Keep in mind that 75% of companies placed customer satisfaction as one of their top three business priorities, and successful companies are investing 92.2% more in CX technologies than non-successful companies.

To ensure success, CX leaders must follow these best practices:

  • Increase investments and prioritize the customer experience. Technology levels the playing field.
  • Invest in AI and analytics to ensure successful rollouts—and to learn from each project.
  • Leverage reporting and measure success, whether it’s a new technology deployment, agent performance, or customer satisfaction.


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