How Real-Time Dashboards Stop Downtime in its Tracks

There’s nothing like unplanned downtime to interrupt the steady flow of business and suspend the delivery of excellent customer service.

Businesses can avoid having to deal with that sort of thing thanks to Virsae Service Management (VSM), which detects problems early, allowing you to take action before there is any impact on business critical services. It excels at real time monitoring by keeping tabs on more, and in more detail. Plus Real Time Dashboards provides an ‘at a glance’ view of server and application uptime, drawing your attention to those issues which require intervention.

In one real world example, the user explains that the CTI desktop was getting out of sync with agent telephony state. ‘Nobody could figure out why. There were no alarms from any of the equipment involved and we only knew that the issues worsened during busy times.’

Busy times are, of course, the worst point at which to experience service trouble. However, help was at hand by introducing VSM, and specifically Real Time Dashboards.

“We used the AES Dashboard to detect what was an ongoing issue for months. Using the dashboard, we could see quite clearly that the C-LAN interfaces were at times running beyond the vendor specified message rate.”

With the problem identified, the solution was quite simple for this customer. With the addition of another link, sufficient capacity was established.

By keeping track of every aspect of the intricately complex set of services and resources which underpin business applications, VSM stops potential downtime in its tracks.