VQM Related Data

What’s it for?

Significantly reduces the time taken to troubleshoot voice quality issues, by displaying vital configuration aspects for each end of RTP streams.

Use VQM Related Data to:

  • See QoS configuration with a single click
  • Identify common causes of poor quality, like speed / duplex issues
  • See if DSCP has been incorrectly set, stripped or changed
  • Look at the 802.1Q settings in use by each endpoint
  • Significantly reduce time to resolve issues
  • Gain happier users and improve customer experience

Where do I find it?

VQM Related Data is available in VSM’s Availability Manager module in VQM.

VQM Related Data in Action

Click on the screen to watch a demonstration of VQM Related Data.


VQM Related Data Example

Right-click on a stream and select “Related Data” and a screen similar to the below is presented. Take a look at the difficult to obtain data that is presented and validate the configuration.

In this example, whilst the Media Gateway is good, some problems exist with the IP Phone:

VQM Related Data joins configuration and release information, that is difficult to obtain manually, directly with the end user or customer quality of experience. This significantly simplifies troubleshooting, reduces time to repair and leads to improved performance and uptake of your UC platform.

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