Quick Fix for VQM Problems

Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) is used by the IP network layer to provide a premium service. Real time applications such as voice and video use DSCP tagging to ensure prioritized transmission of packets.

Sometimes network components inadvertently remove this tag, placing real time traffic into queues with regular network traffic like email and browsing.

This is a major cause of poor voice or video quality.

Use VQM Filters within VSM to rapidly identify if this is happening.

Where do I find it?

VQM Filters are available in VSM’s Availability Manager module.

Availability Manager’s library of useful filters and reports helps you increase uptime and improve customer experience across your UC platform.

VQM Filters in Action

Click on the screen to watch a demonstration of VQM Filter.


VQM Filter Example

DSCP being stripped

In this example, we can see there are some values of -1 in the DSCP column, this means the DSCP tagging is not present on the RTP stream.

When we add “-1” into the filter DSCP column, we can see that this has occurred 274 times, as shown below.

VQM Filters provide visibility into RTP streams and how the IP network is handling them. See in seconds if network elements are stripping DSCP, or altering its value.

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