AVAYA Call Management Server (CMS) Dashboard

What’s it for?

Provides a real time view of Avaya CMS system health at a glance, and significantly reduces time to repair by pin-pointing the underlying cause of issues. Covers:

  • Server hardware and OS health
  • Processor occupancy and uptime
  • Backup status
  • Connection to ACM status
  • Number of CMS Supervisor clients connected

VSM dashboards run the same diagnostic commands experienced engineers run when they are identifying problems. These commands are run on a minute to minute basis and the results displayed on a dashboard, color-coded to reflect solution health.

Where do I find it?

Dashboards are available in VSM’s Service Desk module within Dashboard Management. Service Desk contains a growing number of user-configurable dashboards that display health across your entire UC and CC platform.

CMS Dashboard in Action

Click on the screen below for a demonstration.

CMS Dashboard Example 1


This customer has issues that need attention, highlighted by the traffic light color coding:

  • The memory consumption is a little high and should be observed for a potential memory leak
  • The administration backup has been cancelled, with mouseover giving addition detail. This could be an issue if this server needs to be rebuilt from scratch
  • 2 ACD connections are running and are operational at all layers with 74 call records being dealt with on HostDB

CMS Dashboard Example 2



This customer is running satisfactorily:

  • The processor and memory are running within recommendations. Note the thresholds set on Processor and Memory to provide warnings
  • The connection to ACM is running at all layers and 2 records are being dealt with
  • Both the maintenance and administration backups have been successfully completed and within recommended time frames

Dashboards provide visibility into the health of your systems. If anything does go wrong, the dashboards will often pinpoint the underlying cause, significantly reducing time to repair.

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