Jabra partners with Virsae to visualize Headset data

Virsae, the New Zealand based AI-Powered Analytics Platform for Enterprise Contact Centers, has formed a global partnership with Denmark based Headset Manufacturer Jabra. The collaboration announced this week brings Jabra Headset data to life within Virsae’s Analytics Platform. Delivering new insights to improve customer experience and employee wellbeing. 

Contact center agents are increasingly working at home and often using Headsets for prolonged periods of time. Network, WiFi, and Bluetooth connections all impact voice and video call quality, potentially creating poor customer experiences. And when problems occur, agents feel fatigued, frustrated, unable to perform at their best.  

Virsae’s Service Management (VSM) Platform records Technical, Network, Room, and Device analytics to help call center agents and management proactively support employee wellbeing initiatives and improve the customer experience.  

Together, Jabra and Virsae are helping contact center managers to proactively support their remote workforce to maintain healthy workplace practices. Contact center managers gain unique insights into device usage, technical and environmental influences that could impact stress, anxiety, and customer experience ratings, all presented on intuitive, at-a-glance dashboards. 

“We’re delighted to partner with Virsae” said Anders Hvelplund, SVP for Contact Centre Solutions at Jabra. “Together, we’re integrating hardware, software, and data insights to improve the lives and wellbeing of call center agents worldwide.

Agent audio exposure is a critical data point for hearing health management. We’ve adopted WHO hearing health standards and pre-built functionality for wellbeing support. With notifications from Virsae to alert management when healthy agent audio volume levels are exceeded, we can prevent long-term hearing damage.”  

With the launch of Jabra’s new headsets, the Jabra Engage 50 II and the Engage 40, Virsae’s AI-Powered analytics platform shines a light on the devices and behaviors impacting customer experience and agent wellbeing. These include Background Noise level, Headset listening volume, Cross Talk, Bluetooth signal strength, and Headset battery strength. 

“Organizations who centrally manage voice, video, and network performance across their contact center environments benefit from increased revenue 14.5%, improved customer ratings by 16.9%, 15.3% lift in agent efficiency, and 9% reduction in costs, according to research published by Metrigy”, said Virsae’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Jayne.  

“This partnership is a huge leap forward for contact center analytics. We’re delighted to work with Jabra to deliver the Unrivaled Insights their customers need to proactively invest in employee wellbeing and customer experience innovation.” 

To learn more visit  

Jabra - https://www.jabra.co.nz/business/for-your-platform/virsae 

Virsae - https://www.virsae.com/jabra-for-virsae-integration/