Virsae monitoring exceeds half billion calls per month

Auckland, 13 December 2019 – Virsae’s growing international base of customers and partners is behind a skyrocketing volume of call quality data feeding the company’s AI-powered unified communications (UC) service management platform.

During November, Virsae Service Management (VSM) analyzed more than 500 million voice calls for quality – a subset of more than 12 billion monthly transactions generated by contact center and UC systems under its watch around the globe.

Analysis of this global call data is catching the attention of customer experience managers, with the figures highlighting a steady decline in overall call quality – down 23% over the past three years.

Public internet is the most common cause of this decline. According to Virsae, more organizations now rely on public internet to bridge devices and company networks, as they shift to more flexible workplace practices and workers access enterprise networks from remote locations.

VSM uses powerful AI technology to compare patterns of voice quality for literally billions of calls – both good and bad – against a vast database of configuration scenarios.

Attempting to do this in isolation is like working blindfolded, with data volumes of this size beyond the scope of manual analysis. VSM provides the volume of data and variation of comparative environments that enables accurate conclusions to be reached. This enables you to plan the right adjustments for your own situation with confidence.

More significantly, VSM’s AI capability learns by analyzing how other IT support teams deal with call quality issues and the success and failure of their adjustments, providing VSM users with intelligence that flows from the collective experience of a global community.