Costly over-licensing likely to keep CFOs awake at night

Contact centers live and die by numbers. Yet up to 85% of software licenses go unused, costing a fortune. Why the waste?

Unused software licenses abound in the contact center, offering managers a treasure trove of potential costs savings. But they’ve got to have the right tools to unearth them.

A quick scan of Virsae Service Management (VSM) data across our global network of customers shows that on average just 15% of ACD (automatic call distribution) licenses are used, and less than 40% of station licenses show any sign of activity.

With some licenses costing upwards of $100 a month, the level of waste is likely to elicit a gasp from the CFO’s office. So, why are so many contact centers missing the opportunity to slash licensing costs?

When contact center managers are unable to measure license usage against license capacity, they’re in no position to rectify a mismatch. Software vendors don’t make the job easy – and why would they? When license revenue is your lifeblood, helping clients to reduce the number of licenses in play isn’t a top priority.

VSM continuously collects and reports data related to thousands of transactions taking place in contact center environments – including ACD licenses used (and unused). That means contact center managers can immediately rightsize the number of active licenses, saving a bundle without limiting capacity or performance. 

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License Reports are available in VSM’s Capacity Manager module.

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