Virsae Service Management (VSM)

Businesses around the world use VSM to keep their communications systems at peak performance.

Revolutionizing the way service management is delivered to the UC and contact center markets, VSM simplifies the management of complex systems and brings new levels of clarity to the real-time performance of multi-vendor applications, providing customers with the visibility to minimize risk, manage cost, and perform at their absolute best.

Delivering a whole new world of insight, VSM marries big data with AI-based analytics, automation, workflows, reporting, and notifications to keep the technology that underpins customer interactions running flawlessly.

Processing billions of system transactions, consumed through simple easily configurable dashboards, VSM presents a complete ITIL-aligned view of interactions between you and your customers – so you always know what’s happening in your UC and contact center environment and deliver the communications experience today’s customers expect.

Get to the bottom of incidents before users complain. Identify root causes to stop them happening again. Fix bottlenecks slowing down your network. And assess unused resources to improve your bottom line.

As a cloud-native SaaS company, we never stop innovating, resulting in a consistently evolving solution, delivered with integrity and a ‘customer first’ mentality not found elsewhere.

VSM ITIL-Aligned Framework

  • Management and Notification

    Proactively manage event flow with standard or customized views

  • Real-Time Dashboards

    Stay ahead of issues with real-time visibility and alerts

  • Reporting

    Make informed business decisions from captured data and trends

  • Big Data, Machine Learning, AI

    Automate manual processes with analytics-driven insight

  • DevOps Continuous Deployment

    Tap into continuous service enhancements rolled out every two weeks

  • Customer Success

    Achieve positive outcomes; success is in our DNA.

Virsae’s virtual engineer

Virsae’s AI engine, called Alex, operates as a virtual engineer.

Alex enhances your VSM experience, putting a human face on proactive notifications and actions for critical aspects of UC systems’ performance and customer experience, including network improvements, recommended actions, and impact assessments.

Harnessing the power of AI to go beyond automation, Alex delivers high-value human interaction and support, using machine learning and cognitive services to become more intelligent, more human-like, and more natural.

With Alex at your side, you will get immediate answers to questions about the performance of your UC environment, and a virtual tap on the shoulder to address looming issues. That means you spend less time looking and worrying, and instead focus on high-value tasks.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence for UC systems management 

        • Go beyond simple monitoring with proactive fixes and high-level automation to resolve issues with less human intervention
        • Gain unique insights into UC resource utilization to retire unused capacity, forecast future requirements, and reduce costs
        • Work smarter with a centralized interface for communication, escalation, reporting, and customer interaction
        • Collect and present CMDB asset information automatically, providing at-a-glance graphical views of your unified communications systems and applications
        • Protect your UC network with real-time threat awareness capabilities

Born in the cloud

VSM was conceived and developed from the ground-up to specifically leverage the cloud. DevOps and Agile methodology drive VSM’s continuous development and flow of incremental improvements to customers and end-users.

Customer centric service innovation

VSM microservices are developed separately and optimised independently, supporting the rapid incorporation of user feedback for continuous improvement, new developments and upgrades, at the speed customers and end-users consume their services.

Superior diagnostic powers

VSM’s diagnostic powers draw on over 12 billion transactions every month, created by millions of data sources across thousands of sites globally, combined with AI-based analytics and automation. The combination provides new levels of interaction insight and trouble-shooting capability for unified communications and contact center performance.