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Data is not Enough: Analyze it for Decisions

Gary Audin from Telecom Reseller and Steve Shaw podcast
recorded at Microsoft Inspire July 2017

Jul 14, 2017

Steve Shaw talks to Telecom Reseller about how cloud-based Virsae Service Management (VSM) reduces reactive break-fix activity through the use of the collected data and powerful analytics. Businesses rely on their unified communications (UC) technology to effectively function from day to day. It’s by delivering high quality, reliable voice calls, equipping remote workers with the collaboration tools needed to be operational or enhancing customer interactions in the contact center. Customers are looking for peace of mind around their UC system to ensure it is performing at the highest quality of service. You can buy the tools but are you going to effectively use them. A cloud based service can offer more tools at a lower cost and offer expert assistance. Steve Shaw discusses the tools that allow UC teams to prevent outages, improve end user experience, and right size resources across the network. The introduction of UC service management reduces reactive break-fix activity by up to 80 percent through the use of the collected data and powerful analytics. VSM takes a very different approach. VSM is designed to provide transparency and visibility of the customer’s assets to the customer’s own organisation, as well as the service provider. Using the easily configurable dashboard interface, VSM puts the user in control and lets them see what is important to the business. The dashboard is fully customizable too. Customers can pick and choose the items that matter to them from a range of information sources.