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Unlock the power of VSM’s full stack, end-to-end CX and UX analytics, to deliver a consistently great customer and user experience.


The mass migration to cloud adoption spurred on by the boom in remote working has accelerated the shift to complex hybrid solutions, comprising existing on-premise legacy technology and new technology enabling employees to stay connected from home.

Beyond the necessity of enabling remote working, hybrid technologies have introduced new thinking and processes that allow employees more scope to define for themselves how they go about their days, fostering innovation and a happier more engaged workforce.

But this more enlightened approach to modern work requires a consistently great user and customer experience.

VSM for Cloud and Hybrid

Empowering support teams

Virsae is uniquely positioned to offer MSPs and customers the end-to-end visibility they need to deliver a flawless experience in this reimagined working environment.

Virsae’s cloud-native AI driven platform, Virsae Service Management (VSM) aggregates legacy and new data points, from the likes of Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, NEC, Microsoft Teams and Genesys Cloud, and SBCs such as Ribbon, AudioCodes and Oracle. Data that is combined into one secure, single pane of glass.

With this capability VSM combines technical analytics with work from home network analytics and room analytics, to provide full stack, end-to-end CX and UX analytics.

Virsae full stack end-to-end analytics

Closing the user feedback loop

Focused on both the Customer and User Experience, VSM combines the data collected from post session surveys with the myriad data points collected from the underlying technology, be it in the cloud, in the enterprise, and even in the remote worker's physical environment courtesy of VSM Everywhere, a small client on the user’s workstation.

This unique support capability can be applied to build a premium service.

Post call survey service

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