Centralize the management of your UC and CC application performance.

Providing dashboards, alerts and workflows powered by Machine Learning, we enable you to proactively monitor and resolve performance issues.

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Centralized management drives business success

Research proves the business benefits of centralized management of voice, video and network performance across hybrid workforces.

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Insights to the edge of your enterprise communication network.

Wherever your people work, Virsae’s end-to-end analytics platform ensures your Unified Communications and Contact Center environments are operating at peak performance.

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At-home workers are desperate for better IT support

Organizations using management platforms focussing on customer and user experience outperform those that don’t.

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The virtual engineer that never sleeps
Say goodbye to traditional approaches to UC management. Virsae’s real-time diagnostic AI engine revolutionizes the way you manage communications and contact center systems performance.

A Service Management Platform for proactive organizations

For 10 years, Virsae’s AI-powered analytics platform has delivered unrivaled insights to optimize enterprise communications technology.

Today 80% of employees are working from home and the office. With 52% of workers trying to resolve at-home tech issues, productivity & customer ratings are suffering.

Companies that proactively manage voice, video, and network performance see improved revenue, customer ratings, and agent productivity.

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The virtual engineer that never sleeps
Say goodbye to traditional approaches to UC management. Virsae’s real-time diagnostic AI engine revolutionizes the way you manage communications and contact center systems performance.

Unrivaled Insights delivering business results

Research from Metrigy shows companies that centrally manage voice, video and network performance reap the rewards.

Customer Ratings Improved 16.9%

Organizations that centrally manage voice, video and network performance experienced an average 16.9% lift in CX ratings.

Agent Productivity Improved 15.3%

With less time spent troubleshooting at-home technical issues and the benefits of proactive network optimization. Agent productivity improved on average 15.3%.

Revenue Increased 14.5%

With agents and contact centers operating at peak performance companies experienced an average 14.5% lift in revenue.

Costs Reduced 9%

Benefiting from cloud-based technology, and always-on network optimization, companies reduced their costs by an average of 9%.

From the Office, Home, Anywhere

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"In our business, an hour’s downtime costs $250,000. Virsae is money well spent – many times over."

IT Director | US-based medical services company

VSM takes a bite out of manufacturer support costs at Monster

“Within minutes, we had all our Avaya data backed up in the cloud. As far as I know, this simply isn’t possible with other tools currently on the market.”

Gary McMahon, Monster Inc

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Jabra partners with Virsae to visualize Headset data

Jabra for Virsae helps companies proactively support their remote workforce to maintain healthy workplace practices.

Sep 27, 2022


Always-on Insights for Microsoft Teams

Learn how Virsae uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to identify the root cause of poor connection quality, and improve voice, video and network performance across Microsoft Teams. 

Click on the screen to view the EDUcast hosted by Telecom Reseller. 

Sep 14, 2022


Centralizing services benefits workers and company - CX Series #3

“Companies focusing on management and performance improvements meet with a lot of success and better business outcomes according to Metrigy research,” says Flitter, Virsae CMO. In particular, 14.5% revenue growth, 9% cost reductions, 17% customer rating improvements, and 15% productivity gains. In this podcast learn why companies need to own customer experience, from the head office to the edge of their network, which now includes the quality and performance of technology used by at-home workers. Flitter discusses the Virsae approach, where gaining actionable insight into the edge of the enterprise delivers real ROI. 

Sep 07, 2022


At-home workers are suffering from poor IT support - CX Series #2

“You can’t fix what you don’t see,” says Flitter. In this podcast, Flitter lays out the scope of the problem and makes the case for Virsae’s approach to being able to see across the network to discover IT issues that impact employees and CX. Flitter tells us that Virsae can deliver visibility right to the edge, right to the level of endpoint devices such as headsets, whether agents are wearing them in an office or in-home, or even public space environment. Working from anywhere requires a way to see what’s happening everywhere. The goal is to get people a consistent level of service wherever they do their work.

Aug 24, 2022