New VSM Features: April-June 2020

As a native cloud service, we’re continuously updating VSM with new features and improvements. Here’s a quarterly summary of some of the recent great new additions to VSM: April to June 2020.

We continued our focus on customer journey, leveraging our ability to link disparate data together. We’re finding a huge global interest and uptake of the new functionality:

  • We extended CMS Call History to show rich VQM configuration data.
  • It is now possible to not only view voice quality configuration details for a call segment, but also the full diagnostic graphical presentation of the stream within that segment.
  • The Voice Quality Dashlet has been updated to incorporate streams routed through Call Centers, summarizing voice quality by Agent, Skill, and VDN.
  • Call Details Records (CDR) is now fully integrated with our VQM data, including stream path, graphics, and configuration details.

We refreshed VQM, providing new leading-edge visibility:

  • We’ve provided even smarter AI troubleshooting diagnostics.
  • There’s now gorgeous bi-directional stream details and path graphing at a single click – now you can see the experience of both parties on a call at the same time.
  • When viewing stream details, it is now possible to toggle views to the related stream (in the other direction).

Protocol Validation is a great gem within VSM used for validating service protocols and raising an alarm if a failure is detected.  For example, periodically checking that a website is up and running and raising an alarm if that website becomes unreachable, or a 4xx, 5xx error is detected. We’ve added support for additional protocols:

  • TCP
  • Raw Socket
  • SSH

We improved existing reports and dashlets:

  • Trunk group reports and License reports have been extended to also run against IP Office.  Furthermore, a new report, Trunk Group Call has been created to report on call volumes for IP Office equipment.
  • Improvements were made to the ACM Summary Dashlet for Duplication and ESS / LSP management data.
  • There’s richer reporting of Call Rate on the ACM System Health Dashlet.
  • We’ve provided better visibility of missing or incorrect .wav files in the Audio Groups configuration report.
  • A new report has been added in Configuration Manager. The Redundant Audio Files report runs a reconciliation of configuration versus .wav files and identifies the files that can be removed from announcement resources. This report massively reduces the time taken to do this work manually.
  • Agent and Agent/Station Data reports now cater for up to 64 skills.
  • The Windows System Health Dashlet now shows SQL Performance Counters.
  • There are enhancements for Customer Equipment and Station Data reports – it’s now easier to discern between different Configuration Items.

Other general areas of improvements are:

  • Security – Customers now have the ability to enable, or disable a Business Partner’s Remote Access.
  • Files and folders has undergone a major UI upgrade, making it easier to navigate and share content amongst Virsae, Business Partners, or customers.
  • The SIP Trace page has several new enhancements to make troubleshooting SIP traces even easier.

Contact us if you’d like further information on any of these new VSM features. 


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