OS Memory Usage Report

Like all software applications, UC systems require variable amounts of Random Access Memory (RAM) to support fluctuating loads. Trouble starts when maxed-out hardware and software bugs causing memory leaks are left unchecked. UC systems’ performance suffers and underlying applications may even spontaneously restart.

Detecting server hardware operating on the limit and memory leaks requires the right set of eyes.

VSM operating system (OS) Memory Report tracks memory levels to identify constrained hardware capacity and memory leaks that could undermine UC systems’ performance. So, when the load on UC applications increases, there is always enough available memory to keep everything running smoothly.  

Use VSM OS Memory Usage Report to:

  • Identify and fix memory leaks
  • Track memory usage to forecast future hardware upgrades

OS Memory Usage Report in Action

Click on the screen below for a 1-minute video demonstration.

Where do I find it?

The OS Memory Usage Report is located in Capacity Manager.

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