VSM for Health

The new model of healthcare needs communications networks to work flawlessly end-to-end

Keep your finger on the pulse with VSM’s real-time view of communications technology vitals.

Technology is taking healthcare beyond the confines of the doctor’s room, combining mobile devices with networks and smart sensors to transport patient vitals to healthcare professionals working almost anywhere in the world.

However, for this model of healthcare to succeed, networks and other critical links must work flawlessly end-to-end.

  • X-ray vision for communication networks: VSM shines a light on every part of communications platforms, correlating millions of data points across system capacity, configuration, software releases, and application events to flag potential issues so they can be fixed fast.
  • Deliver high-quality consultations: VSM’s Voice Quality Management puts you in the driver’s seat, providing an end-to-end view of voice and video network performance, pinpointing hard-to-find issues for quick resolution.
  • Keep patient information safe: VSM Security Manager flags suspicious activity to keep healthcare providers in the picture and one step ahead of the attackers
  • Do more with less: VSM capacity management tools balance software and hardware resources with service demands, so you never again pay for idle resources or get caught short with insufficient capacity.