ROI for Remote Workers

Are the technology issues facing your remote workers affecting productivity, revenue, and customer ratings?

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VSM Everywhere unrivaled insights deliver improved operational efficiency, agent productivity and customer experience.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Four hours troubleshooting and root cause analysis saved per incident
  • 80% reduction in tickets submitted - less frequent issues
  • 50% reduction in agent downtime - faster resolution; prevention is better than cure

Cost to Business:

  • Brand damage
  • Customer churn costs
  • Lost sales/revenue from remote agents
  • Lost productivity of employees*
  • Agent churn costs**

In the hybrid workplace, remote working call center agents are often a customer’s first experience with your company. But the issues affecting remote workers, and customer experience, are areas where most enterprise IT teams have the least visibility.

Remote workers are regularly faced with network connectivity, PC hardware and headset issues, often trying to resolve those technology issues themselves - 52% according to Metrigy

As they reoccur, eventually the remote worker will report the issues, which can be challenging for IT teams to troubleshoot or reproduce after the event. Average time spent on troubleshooting and resolution is four hours, which includes the remote worker, Service Desk/NOC and UC/Network team. 

VSM-Everywhere collects data from the remote workers environment at the time of the issue, feeding directly into VSM monitoring dashboards to simplify and speed up troubleshooting. AI-powered analytics automatically provide proactive alerts to the service desk within minutes, along with user experience and performance metrics, reported or not. The Service Desk can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the majority of issues with VSM automation and in-built tips, without the need to escalate to UC/Network teams. 

The result, rapid identification of the issue, reduced time spent troubleshooting, the elimination of rework, and reduced frequency of reoccurrence.

The cost of VSM and VSM-Everywhere is realized through operational efficiency savings alone. Let alone the intangible costs to business of brand damage, lost revenue, lost productivity and customer churn.

* Cost of VSM is typically less than 1% of the monthly cost of your agent's labor and contact center platform.

** Cost to recruit and train an agent US$4,500. 

VSM Full Stack Operational Efficiency Workflow

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VSM Service Desk Workflow


Unrivaled Insights delivering business results

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Research from Metrigy shows companies that centrally manage voice, video and network performance benefit from improved customer ratings (16.9%), improved agent productivity (15.3%), increased revenue (14.9%) and reduced operational costs (9%).