Less noise, more action at Integration Partners

How Virsae Service Management (VSM) integrated with ServiceNow filters noise from network operations at Integration Partners

As unified communications (UC) and IT networks merge, companies tasked with managing them require smarter tools to keep systems running smoothly. With Virsae’s VSM, Massachusetts-based Integration Partners brings new intelligence to proactive service management for UC environments.

Some businesses find the job of managing their own systems so debilitating they seek relief from specialist network service providers – companies like Integration Partners – who expertly deal with the pain.

But in taking the load off clients, Integration Partners must process millions (literally) of real-time transactions to identify and prioritize problems, and fix them before they cause trouble.

The company uses IT service management system ServiceNow to keep staff focused on the right things.

However, a standalone UC monitoring tool that delivered alerts via email wasn’t helping. Staff had to copy and paste ticket information to ServiceNow and match incidents with alarms. So much for efficiency. And without a filter to catch irrelevant alarms, too much ‘noise’ was inadvertently included in workflow.

“We only want actionable items in the queue, so operations staff know exactly what they’ve got to do,” said Michelle Brockney, director of business operations at Integration Partners. “Asking staff to discern the nature of each alert and its importance wasn’t working – there was too much stare and glare.”


Look less, see more

Integration Partners selected VSM to monitor Avaya and Skype for Business UC platforms, directly feeding tickets and alarm information from both environments to ServiceNow. With email out of the picture they keep their focus in one place. The number of incidents requiring attention immediately plummeted, and network operations staff work faster and more efficiently with richer engineering detail.

VSM’s appeal rode on an API that kept configuration time to just weeks and offered ready-built smarts to filter monitoring information according to business rules. And with ServiceNow and VSM seamlessly integrated, Integration Partners extends ITIL disciplines to UC service management – an achievement under any other conditions made virtually impossible by the sheer number of components and interconnections populating UC environments.

Self-serving the next generation of customers

Cloud computing has effectively consumerized swaths of business IT, whetting customer appetites for self-service options and better access to information.

Integration Partners has seized this opportunity, launching a client portal that puts a window to dashboard information fed from both ServiceNow and VSM that spotlights the performance of client systems.

“Self-service is where companies like ours have to go. Clients want to see everything we’re managing for them and access their environments. It’s about giving them control,” said Brockney.

Integration Partners’ VSM dashboards run the same diagnostic commands used by experienced engineers. Commands run on a minute-to-minute basis, with color-coded results reflecting system health.

What’s more, a simple network plug-in is all VSM requires to glean monitoring information from UC environments.

“People just don’t want devices on their networks,” said Brockney.

Smarter way to scale

Employing five engineers to every salesperson, Integration Partners must think carefully about scale. Engineers are expensive, but necessary for the heavy technical nature of their business. And as clients want more from their service providers, the engineering workload is likely to increase.

“The answer to scale lies with software,” said Brockney. “Intelligent software automates monitoring and troubleshooting. Virsae ensures we can scale our service model and stay across all the disciplines and technology important to our clients.”

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Virsae’s cloud-based service, Virsae Service Management (VSM), brings new levels of insight to the real-time performance of multi-vendor applications, providing customers with the visibility to minimize risk, manage cost, and perform at their very best.


VSM Service Desk

Service Desk is VSM’s centralized interface for communication, escalation, reporting and automated customer interaction.

Using Service Desk, business partners and customers can manage users, automate processes, integrate service desk applications, schedule reports and set up real-time dashboards.

VSM’s workflow engine allows highly customised automation of business and engineering processes. Workflow has almost infinite variety required to tailor alarm treatments, and working in conjunction with Alarm Rule builder allows business partners to create alarm treatments specific to particular situations.

Standard APIs cater for web-service, RESTful, Slack messaging and Twilio integrations.

Key Points

  • Administer users
  • Schedule reports
  • Build real time dashboards
  • Tailor Work Flows
  • Configure APIs
  • SMS and Email Alert management