About Virsae

Businesses around the world use Virsae’s cloud-based platform, Virsae Service Management (VSM), to keep their communications systems performing at their best.

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Virsae is the creator of Virsae Service Management (VSM), the leading cloud-native service management platform designed to keep multi-vendor communication applications running flawlessly.

Combining big data, machine learning and AI-powered diagnostics, VSM simplifies the management of complex unified communications (UC) and contact center environments, empowering customers and partners with insight and visibility to minimize risk, manage cost, and perform at their best. 

With thousands of customer sites around the globe, and billions of transactions powering our insights, VSM’s data-to-action model brings new clarity to service management.

How we started

Virsae’s founders developed VSM after 20 years of work engineering and supporting communications platforms across Asia Pacific.

Understanding the unique complexities of modern UC and contact center technologies, Virsae’s founders saw an opportunity for a next-generation service management solution to improve visibility and service agility, reduce service costs, and bridge the gap between data and insight. VSM was born.

Building the foundations

Empowering our customers and partners with a scalable, data-driven service management platform started with choosing the right technology foundations.

At a time when UC management systems required complex software installations and support, Virsae set its sights on the cloud – a decision that established an immediate and ongoing competitive advantage for both Virsae and our customers and partners.


  • Born in the cloud with native SaaS architecture
  • Run on Microsoft Azure’s secure and scalable public cloud platform
  • Built to the ITIL service management framework, bringing IT best practice to UC service management
  • Designed with data at the centre to drive insights and informed action
  • Made simple and easy to install, use, and scale

Transforming service

VSM supports hundreds of customers, thousands of sites, and millions of devices around the globe. Every day, we collect hundreds of millions of data points, providing actionable insights for our customers and partners to deliver on the promise of quality interactions anywhere, anytime, via any channel.

Data itself does not drive actions. Virsae connects the dots, combining machine learning and artificial intelligence to present a whole new world of data-driven decision making for UC and contact center applications.

As we enter the data age, Virsae’s customer-first ethos and focus on innovation and automation have revolutionized the way UC service management is delivered.


Virsae. Clarity for the Data Age.

Virsae exceeds expectations, never stops innovating, and provides clarity for the Data Age.